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Old Lyon is one of the unmistakable sights of the City of Light. Cobbled streets, typical restaurants, Renaissance period buildings, Roman tiles ...
Old Lyon is full of unusual and historic corners. Discover our selection of things to do in Lyon France



The beautiful district of Vieux Lyon is established by the river at the foot of the Fourvière hill and one can also see the majestic basilica nestled at the top just by looking up. This district is divided into three sectors: Saint-Georges in the south, Saint-Paul in the north and Saint-Jean in the center, where we can find the beautiful cathedral of the same name. Visit the traboules, passages from the Renaissance through one or more buildings originally built to join the Saône quickly, the best known is called La Tour Rose. Stroll along the shopping streets such as Saint Jean Street. Enjoy French and Lyonnaise specialties in the typical restaurants of Lyon. Go to the Gadagne museums dedicated to the history of Lyon and the puppetry arts. Enjoy our beautiful city, and discover all the things you can do in Lyon!

Discover Lyon, the thousand year-old city

Visiting Lyon is a leap in history. Rich in 2000 years of history, the city of Light transports you through the ages. From the Fourvière hill and extending eastward, the city of Lyon has been transformed through the centuries. Roman remains, antique Fourvière, Renaissance quarters, Haussmannian peninsula, contemporary achievements (the Opera, the international city, the confluence) ... Lyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city has managed to preserve a true art of living appreciated throughout the world.

A unique savoir vivre

To discover Lyon is to learn about its history, its culture, its gastronomy and its savoir-vivre. Stroll along the banks of the Rhône and spend an afternoon at the Parc de la Tête d'Or.Enjoy incredible meals in the famous starred restaurants of Lyon or in the unique "bouchons Lyonnais". Taste the iconic wine of our regions that blossoms on the shores of the Rhone. Enjoy houseboats for a dance party or a meal at the water's edge. Visit the museums and the extraordinary architecture of the city.


Lyon, city of art and lights

Throughout the year, many events bring life to Lyon.

The Festival of Lights, historical peculiarity of the City is now an international meeting of wonders and dreams. The Biennale of Contemporary Art and the Dance Biennial are the major events for art lovers. Nuits de Fourvière and Nuits sonores gather millions of people each year around music. Artists from around the world play at these timeless evenings. Cinema and writing are also honored with the Lumière Festival and the Quai du Polar.

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